Positivity and Good Times.


So I have had this past week off for the Easter holidays and I can honestly say I have had some great times and made some amazing memories. I thought I would start off hopefully a new series of posts that I do probably once a month, listing 10 things that week that have made me smile or things that I have loved. In the comments, I hope that you guys could comment one thing from that week that has made you smile so we can spread positivity and show we always have something to smile about. Please also let me know your thoughts on this idea too!

10 things that have made me smile this week:

  1. Today. I have honestly had the best day celebrating with family, having a laugh and eating so much good food and of course lots of chocolate eggs.
  2. Going on a super long walk with my amazing friend and even making getting stuck in like a foot of mud fun.
  3. Going out on a walk again with two of my amazing friends, listening to music, eating skittles and just having a fun time like a water fight in the river because why not!
  4. Watching a horror film (well part of) with these two lovely friends, and just having a laugh (it wasn’t very scary!)
  5. Sorting through all my old Playmobil that I literally used to spend hours with and just remembering all the fun I had with it.
  6. My brothers birthday. Just seeing them have an amazing time and being happy was so nice.
  7. Spending time with my cousins on my brothers birthday and having a good time.
  8. Seeing my auntie and cousins for a day and it was so nice just to be able to chat and catch up.
  9. Helping out at an Easter egg hunt and being able to spend time with good friends, and building even better friendships.
  10. Our little photoshoots with my best friends. Spending time with them and just messing about being ourselves and doing our photos was just so much fun and a perfect afternoon.

I hope you guys liked the list! Before I go I just wanted to say sorry for being so inactive the past week and I will try my hardest to never go a week without posting ever again! Oh, and I just want to say that I literally cannot get over the fact that I have 100 FOLLOWERS, well 116 actually which is insane! I can’t thank you guys enough for the support it honestly means so much.

E xo


19 thoughts on “Positivity and Good Times.

  1. Great list and an inspiring series! These will be good✨ it’s raining here, coming down pretty hard but the sound and watching from my balcony window is so relaxing, I’ll smile about that☺️

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  2. well done on 100 ect. followers, I was soooo happy when I hit 100!! What made me the most happy was yesterday when I was play the guitar to my freinds family my family and my best freinds mum cried (of happiness!) !!

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