Just a quick lil’ chat…


Let’s try for a second time. I literally just wrote this whole post up but the WordPress app messed up and deleted it! Sorry for the lil moan there. Anyway, on a positive note, I am happy to say that I’m about 2 followers off 100! This will probably sound so cliché but I honestly didn’t believe this would ever happen! Your comments and love honestly make my days and I couldn’t be more grateful. I break up for the Easter Holidays in 2 days so I hope to be super active over those and make my blog better for you and me!

Well these past couple of weeks have been what I would probably describe as odd! Do you ever feel just weird, I don’t know how to describe it, like your mad, sad and sort of happy? It’s super odd but that pretty much sums me up recently. So I think my one of my goals for April was to try harder at school, to be organised and to generally sort my life out. I think I’ll just try again after Easter now, to be honest I’m pretty much at the point of giving up!

Motivation. Right now I have none of it. Like 0%. I don’t think it helps when people ask me things like “what is your favourite subject?” Which has made me realise I don’t even have one! There is not one subject I particularly look forward to, which I find sort of weird as I always used to look forward to certain ones and work really hard for them. I wouldn’t say that right now though! What’s all your guys favourite subject if your at school now, or when you were? Comment down below!

Anyways, I apologise for my little rambles so I’ll leave you with a nice photo of a sunset I shot tonight.

E xo


32 thoughts on “Just a quick lil’ chat…

  1. I honestly love when bloggers I follow just “ramble” on some of their posts lol…so I enjoyed this post hehe! 😀
    My favorite subject in school is undoubtedly Literature. I absolutely love writing papers and reading for this class 🙂

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  2. First of all congrats on getting 100 followers and I wish you many more to come girl!! Also, I totally feel ya..I’ve been feeling sad,mad, happy too and have no motivation this week to get my assignments done. So I guess you’re not alone haha! But, we will get through this together and anytime you’re down, we all are here for you on WordPress ❤

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  3. I think everyone finds it harder towards the end of the semester. Just study hard and take lots of breaks to exercise and see your friends. Exams will be over soon! My favourite subjects were Languages, History and English!

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      1. I used to be so terrible at art but I started sketching rather than cartoons and I much prefer it. We do other things though like painting, oil pastels, pottery, graphic design X English is really fun especially when you get to do projects or posters X

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