March faves


Just a quick lil post today with some of my March faves. Is it me or has this month flown by like it’s going to be April, 4 months into the year! That’s crazy! 

  • Running. I’ve actually started going running regularly guys! It’s only once a week on a Sunday and I spend a fair amount of it waking but it’s still a start! Is it weird that i kind of like it and the clothes and free feeling you get when you’re running? Moving on anyways, 
  • Nails. I mean these aren’t that great or near or anything but they’re what I’m wearing now. It’s a shame teachers aren’t too keen on nails. 
  • Friendship. This isn’t really a fave but this month I’ve really strengthened some friendships and they have given me some of the best laughs, memories and moments which make my life so much happier. 
  • Flowers and beautiful weather. It’s finally feeling like spring and I love that! There’s nothing like going outside on a beautiful day. 
  • This probably sounds weird but looking at fashion online. I’m after a faux suede jacket and I love seeing all the new fashions coming out for spring and summer. 

Some goals for April:

  • Post more regularly on here! I really need to come up with a schedule for you guys. 
  • Try and revise and sort out my school work. Seriously not doing well! 
  • Drink more water. I swear I always say this. 
  • Be quicker at uploading tags and awards! Sorry guys, I do always appreciate them and I will always do them but I often forget and am so slow at getting them up! 
  • Try and get more organised and sort my life out! 

Anyways, enough of me rambling. Hope you guys are all okay, 

E xo 


11 thoughts on “March faves

  1. Running is so much fun, its pretty much the only sport I enjoy…lol. Wonderful blog post 🙂
    Btw just found your blog & followed ya haha 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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