Look on the outside. 

We all have one thing in common, well we all have lots of things in common such as all being human but there’s one thing I want to talk about today. 

Look outside. We all live in this beautiful world, of which no one really knows the origin but we should all admire just how incredible, beautiful and stunning this world actually is. 

You could say life’s a bit like this too; if we stay on the ‘inside’ if you want to put it like that, and never look outside then we will live very closed lives. Yet, if we go for it, look on the outside and be positive and more open towards life then it will be beautiful. 

I’ve heard quite a few people say that to be happy we need to have gratitude and I could not agree more. Yeah, I’ll even admit I moan too much about whether it might be raining, or that I have to go to school , but these aren’t the things that will make us happy and we certainly won’t remember these but just remember being unhappy at the time. It might be hard, but try and change the way you think (I know you may have heard this so many times and not really taken much notice of it just like me) but it can be quite powerful to think about how we have the ability to change our lives, and happiness is infectious, So think if you’re positive and happy, then it will influence the people around you and before you know it it has influenced many of this beautiful world. 

I’ll kind of just leave on that little message, but I’ll end with some pictures I have snapped today, feeling happier as the sun is shining and it’s such a beautiful day. This is such a contrasting picture; the brightness in the darkness. 

I do love my Nan’s garden. 
E xo 


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