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So I thought I would try something a bit different today, hope you like!

Luck. “That test result was pure luck” or “I’m so lucky I have my education now” These are just a couple of examples of things we say all around us without even realising what we’re actually meaning really.

Do you believe that the house your in now, your country, your family that surround you, the services you have access to, do you believe they’re down to luck? I don’t actually know my answer to this, but I think it’s a mix of all different things. Think two babies born on the same day, one born into a wealthy family, with their whole life set out to be full of lots of opportunities and whatever they wish. Yet, the other child, born into a struggling family may not even have access to running water or education compared to the other child. They both lead totally different lives. I guess when you put it like this, there is an element of luck, as there are things that we can’t control, like our parents and this must happen down to something and the only thing I can really think of is luck.

Luck is unfair, or it can be amazing. Either way really, you could say it has control over our lives. But to some extent, we can control it. For example, think in your next exam or similar, is there something you can do alongside luck, as like they say hard work does pay off. Don’t blame everything on luck, but it’s weird to think about isn’t it?

Luck- Success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through ones actions.

Fate- The development of events outside a person’s control, regarded as predetermined by a supernatural power. 

Just thought I would leave on those two definitions. I hope you enjoyed this post, as it was definitely something different and challenging and maybe I’ll do another in the future. Please comment your opinions,

E xo



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