Life thoughts…


So today’s been a really weird but good day. I actually decided to do some French revision this morning after my French teacher said something to me the other day about doing a little bit everyday making so much difference and for once I kind of actually took in some of her words.  Anyway, that’s not really the point but does link to what I’m about to say I guess.

So this afternoon I went on a really long walk with my sister as we’re lucky enough to live by some fields and a river and I always love going over there just to talk, take photos and if I’m stressed or anything it’s just so calm. Here’s a shot of one of the trees there anyways. 

Me and my sister talked a lot about life in general and things like working hard at school and just kind of getting the motivation and that to push yourself and think positively; which is something I have been struggling with a lot recently. Basically all I wanted to say was push yourself and work hard, do it for yourself, because you can only be the best for yourself and even if you think things are hard, they’ll always be someone who has it harder. Not to say that whatever you’re going through isn’t hard or anything, because I definitely think if things are getting to you then tell someone, as it will always get better. 

So from now on I’m determined to work harder and who knows if it will last, but I want to make everyone whose been so good to me proud, and I guess I kind of want to make myself proud. 

Sorry if this felt like a sort of ramble, and you have most likely heard all this before, but thanks for reading and if you have any tips on how to motivate yourself then please leave them below as it would be much appreciated. 

E xo 


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