London vibes!


Well firstly I just want to say a massive THANK YOU to you guys for 50 followers! Not just that but your kind comments also make my day; I will forever be grateful! 

So yesterday I went to London with my dad and it was actually amazing! Right, I’ll admit that art isn’t really my thing, and that’s the whole reason we really went was to see some exhibitions. However, not going to lie, I found myself actually enjoying a few things in both the galleries we went to: the Tate Britain and the Tate Modern. I went into one paid exhibition with my dad and the others he went in I decided to stay out in the gallery and go to the cafe and that. I found myself walking around the Tate Britain so many times as I got a bit bored, but it was so inspiring to just ‘people watch’- I literally fell in love with the fashion people we wearing and I guess it kind of inspired me.

Moving on to the Tate Modern: its massive! I found myself a bit lost lol wondering around but I found a cafe and decided to get an iced coffee- I’d never even had a coffe before- and the server started throwing all these coffee words at me- I had no idea what I even ended up with! I love doing things like that- challenging myself and just doing something different- I thought I would get a bit anxious on my own but I actually really enjoyed it, anyway I’m rambling sorry! 

We walked around a bit and my dad focussed on his photography, another main purpose of the trip, so I decided to join in and take some pics. Here’s Big Ben for those of you who don’t know. 

The London eye!
And finally Westminster, featuring one of those yellow duck boat ride things that look so fun! 
We also visited the old St Thomas hospital operating theatre museum, it is the oldest in Europe! It was actually so interesting! We only expected to look around at a few of the things, but we ended up watching a man do a talk and demonstration thing which was so, so good! It definitely helped me with my history, as part of my gcse is medicine through time, and we actually studied all this in lesson, it was probably more useful than any revision I was planning on doing for history ( which I didn’t whoops!)

Finally, I just want to say that in some ways this Trip inspired me so much. I think right from a photography exhibit we saw in the morning, it opened my eyes and photography is something I definitely want to focus on again now. It also helped me think about my future, and seeing all the people and just the buzz of London was incredible! I am now looking into journalism, linked with fashion, photography and history kind of routes I could take in the future. 

Anyway, thank you so much for reading guys, 

E xo 


12 thoughts on “London vibes!

  1. The Tate is a crazy place – some of the stuff they have is just balls-to-the-wall bonkers and some of it is mindblowingly amazing! I like the sound of the St Thomas hospital operating theatre museum!

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