Firstly I just wanted to say how grateful and amazed I am by all your lovely support and comments! It honestly means so much! Today I just thought I would share some recent thoughts, dreams and feelings ✨

So it’s been today really that I have finally started to feel a lot more positive than I have the whole of 2017! really! This week has been quite a rough one, I’ve been feeling all over the place, but it hasn’t been the worst. I think I’ve slacked a bit this week lol with school; my sister ended up doing a few pieces of my homework somehow as I just couldn’t deal with it haha! But overall, my friends especially today and yesterday have made me laugh so much and have just generally been amazing friends. I think sometimes we forget just hoe much fun and happiness we can have when we’re with the right people.

Do any of you have any advice for life in a- levels and degrees? I felt like I needed some inspiration and motivation to work harder and get the grades I need so I’ve been looking into different ways I could go. Let’s just say I have a bit of hard work to do to get to where I want, but I feel in the right mood at the moment to work hard, and nothing will stop me now.

I’ve spent some much time daydreaming recently it’s untrue! I think about everything and anything, but I’m not so sure some teachers and people like it as I feel like I’m often in my own world and you can literally tell by looking at me that my minds elsewhere 🙂

Anyway, I’ll probably end this here before I carry on rambling haha. I know I’ve sort of already said this but I just want to thank everyone so much! I’m determined to return all the love and kindness everyone has given me recently, I owe everyone so much! I have next week off so I’m determined to catch up and become more positive. I hopefully have a tag coming up soon too.

E xo


12 thoughts on “Daydreams…

  1. I have next week off aswell 😆😆 I havent got any like proper advice that some scientist has said but I’ve sort of come up with some random stuff. You shape your life you choose what happens and if u want to do something in the future u doir but sometimes there’s school that we need to do what we want in the future. It sucks but sometimes we just gotta deal with school. Also not every test or grade matters so don’t worry Xx that’s a bit confusing but I hope u understand Xx

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    1. Aww thanks yeah I do understand haha! I do believe that everything happens for a reason and that kind of thing and i think it’s kinda cool but scary that we have our whole lives ahead of us! Yeah I definitely need that advice about every test not mattering, I stress way too much 😂❤xx

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