Tough times!


Sometimes when you think things are falling apart, they may actually be falling into place. A quote that has helped me so much in the past few weeks, well the whole of 2017! really!

I’ve had another rough few days again; my head spinning and just not feeling myself, at all. But I have done it! I have made it through another school week, where yet again my strength has been tested to my limits. Yes, it’s been pretty awful but lets focus on the positive: I did it! So can you.

Do you guys ever try to be positive but you just can’t, like you feel almost stuck, helpless and so confused at the person you have become? Do you ever overthink constantly and just literally watch the time tick by, knowing you could be spending those few seconds, minutes, hours feeling happier and much more positive? Well lets just say I answer yes to all those questions! Here’s a different question though: do you guys have any advice? I know I should probably be giving the advice on here, but I guess I just want to see if anyone can help me further haha!

Moving on, I just wanted to quickly mention anxiety. I sometimes feel like it’s taking over my life, like there’s no escape. To be honest though, putting on a smile and hiding everything does help sometimes, though it’s probably not the best haha. I’m sort of struggling at the moment, but I know that it will get better and I think I just need to stop being so hard on myself, like everyone keeps telling me. Oh and quickly, is the feeling like your going to choke a lot of the time and then stressing about it even more a thing to do with anxiety? I don’t know if any of you will know haha but I tried googling it and I could not really find anything, only anxiety again 😦

Sorry if it looks like I’m just moaning lol I just kind of felt myself like writing down my emotions, and I also want to look back on this and be proud of how strong and far I have come.

I hope all of you guys are okay, and please feel free to comment, oh, and I hope to post some things on fashion and other little things like that soon,

E xo



13 thoughts on “Tough times!

  1. just fight through it I guess, I’m not 100% sure because I’m struggling with this kind of stuff do and what I’ve realized is that it’s ok to be sad or whatever emotion you’re feeling because nothing can change that if you force yourself. Just get through that day or that week, trying to have as positive of a view as possible. Even if your life is pretty bad just don’t force yourself to be happy because that’s gonna make you feel pressured.
    I hope this helps 🙂
    Autumn xx

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  2. I have anxiety myself, and the choking feeling you’re describing does happen to me sometimes (often when I get a panic attack or on the verge of having one; that may not be the same for you since everybody has different symptoms 😛 ). And don’t ever feel sorry; like Autumn said before in the comment above, it’s totally okay to feel sad mad or angry sometimes – we’re all human 🙂 You don’t have to fake a smile or hide, just be yourself even if it seems really hard right now – I had a tough time last year because of the negativity I put into my life myself, which made my anxiety worse; try to be optimistic and positive for a brighter tomorrow. Hope this helps!! Much love xx

    Aqsa ❤

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  3. I couldn’t thank you enough! I think it has made me feel a lot better knowing that other people go through the same thing and it does get better; thank you! I will definitely try to be more positive as take on ur advice! Lots of love back xx ❤

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