10 things I can’t live without! 


Today I’ll be listing 10 things that I can’t live without, as recently I’ve been thinking a lot about what things and people make me happy and how lucky we all actually are. They’re probably not going to be in order btw! 😊

  1. My parents! My world, well I wouldn’t be here without them and everything they do for me. 
  2. My brothers and sisters! I guess I have quite a big family; I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters but I absolutely love it! 😊
  3. All my other family ❤ The people that makes us smile, laugh and live better. 
  4. My friends. We all have rough times, but these always show us whose worth keeping in our lives and who makes them better. 
  5. This probably sounds really sad but technology! It’s not all bad, you could say I’m on social media a bit too much though 🙁
  6. Good food and drinks: well it’s more of a necessity but still!
  7. People in general, whether that be teachers or just those nice people that do little kind acts, whether good or bad, they help us live better. 
  8. The beautiful world I live in. Looking outside everyday and seeing magical things like sunsets ( like the one above haha I’m a bit obsessed!) .
  9. Learning. Even though I moan a bit too much about school, I love it really and am so grateful for all the opportunities I get offered to help me lead the best life I can.
  10. Being able to experience new things and being healthy and happy, I’ll forever be grateful ❤

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I hope your all good, 

E xo 


3 thoughts on “10 things I can’t live without! 

    1. Yeah sure! I would say the most important things are: 1. Always be yourself and write from your heart, readers will love to see it’s truly you writing. 2. Interact with lots of other blogs and most will check yours out too! 3. The community pool on a Monday is a great way to find new blogs and share your blog with others! Hope that helps!!


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