Being organised (for once ;)


As some of you will probably know, I am currently studying for my GCSE’S in 2018 and today I thought I would share some of my tips and tricks! I’m actually trying so hard at school right now, as since Christmas I have felt that I’m falling behind a bit 😦

img_5223I know many people say this, but it works! Pack your stuff the night before, to save yourself from that last minute rush, often forgetting things.

In case you were wondering, I bought this backpack from River Island just before Christmas, it was £20 I think 🙂


Revision is key! As everyone says! I have big dreams and I have very high expectations of myself, so I am trying really hard to revise and work hard to get the grades I want; never give up!img_5233

Plenty of pretty revision cards make it slightly more bearable and you can easily take them anywhere. These were about £1.50 each I think from wilkos.


The next thing: notebooks! As you can probably tell by now, I have a bit of an obsession with pretty things and for me notebooks work so well, and I can use all my notes to keep revising old topics.


My fave notebooks ever! The Gabriella (velvetgh0st) primark range, which I am honestly in love with (notice the matching duvet cover as well haha) . I think these were about £2 each, and they are absolutely gorgeous!




Next is one thing I thought was really cute. My friend loves making origami and she made me a lovely butterfly. Me, being me, decided to turn it into a revision butterfly at the time haha!                                                                                                             Here it is!img_5230




img_5228Finally, I generally just think that lovely stationery makes you much more willing to do work! Here is a little corner of my desk, which I guess sounds kind of sad but I love it!




Anyway, I think the most important thing is that we all work hard to achieve our dreams and goals. I hope you enjoyed this post, and never give up!

E xo



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