Why did I start my blog?

I decided to finally start this blog after a while of considering whether to do it or not. After seeing many people start blogs and have so much fun whilst doing them I realised that there was actually nothing stopping me from creating my own!

You may be wondering why I chose the name “dreamsandwavesxo” so here I will explain it! the “dreams” part came to be after I decided that I wanted this blog to be all about inspiration, and one of the biggest parts of my life right now is my dreams and aspirations as I have my whole life in front of me and I want to be happy for the rest of that! The “waves” part is all about the general flow of my life and the waves that come and go. I guess that the name is quite meaningful haha!

Anyway, I just thought I’d let you know what I hope you will see on this blog. At the moment I would like to put a bit of everything, whether that’s life, make-up, revision, fashion, photography and so on…

Please feel free to leave any comments or suggestions, I would be very grateful!

E  xo




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